Riverside Painting Session

Thanks to Scott Davis, Jim Pokorney, Brett Reese, Dan Bergeson, Nina Mukherji and friend for painting on Saturday, October 11. We only got in about an hour of work due to rain, but we managed to first coat forty feet of fence on the east side of the Cannon River in Downtown Northfield between 3rd St. and 5th St.

We plan to put a second coat on this Saturday, October 18. This will be the last opportunity to work on this project this year. Well see how the paint survives the winter and determine if we need to use a different type of paint or prepare the surface differently. Next spring well continue the painting and paint the Riverwalk railing all the way to 2nd St.

The work on 10/18 will last from 10am until 2pm. Those who are interested should plan to work a one- or two-hour shift.

Thanks to Randy Peterson and Roger Ness of the Public Works Department for making the equipment and supplies available and trusting us with this work.