Making garbage respectable

Many downtown folks have been following the discussion of a certain garbage site on the west side of the Cannon River with interest over the past several weeks. Our own ER Team has been discussing the finer points of garbage all summer. Their goal can be summed up with three words:

COMBINE (receptacles wherever possible)
CONTAIN (put the receptacles behind suitable screening)
COORDINATE (pickup schedules)

They’ve done an extensive inventory of both private and public garbage sites throughout the downtown district and are working on a plan to bring a level of consistency to these sites in the near future.

Joe Grundhoefer of J. Grundy’s Reub’n’Stein has recently illustrated the ER Team’s concepts with his own garbage area on the 5th St. side of his property.

Take a look at the following before and after photos:

grundys old thumb.jpg

Not the most attractive situation. Now check this out.

grundys new thumb.jpg

It’s not quite done, but what a difference. Thanks to Joe for the initiative and thanks to Jens Johannesen for the design.