News Flash from Mill Towns’ Trail Group

Here’s an important announcement from the Mill Towns’ Trail Group:

The DNR has encouraged us to apply for TEA 21 Federal funding for the #19 overpass, just west of Spring Creek Road on the dedicated right-of-way from Carleton College. This $500,000 facility will serve the Trail, college students, community access. MNDOT has been here and selected the site with College help. Money would be available for 2008-9 construction.

Susan Hoyt has scheduled the supporting resolution for Monday, Dec. 13 Council meeting. It promises that the City of Northfield will fund the $100,000 match. Could you Please appear to help reassure the Council that bonding in 2005, 6, or 8 will cover this match? I’ll let you know where we appear on the agenda.

Thank you, Peggy Prowe