News from the Village

A number of people have asked me if I knew how things were going with the Village on the Cannon project. I went directly to the source, Tom Klassen:

Greetings from the parking garage, and while that may not sound very glamorous, its a very exciting time for Village on the Cannon (VOTC).

The project is currently on schedule and going as planned. Buildings #1 and #2 are now under construction and the underground parking garage is taking shape as the exterior concrete walls are being poured. The large piles of dirt at the site will disappear as the walls are completed. We will use this earth as backfill around those walls.

The ceiling of the garage will consist of large, pre-fabricated slabs of concrete that are set into place using a crane. We anticipate this activity to begin during the third week of November, to be completed in early December. This ceiling becomes the sub-floor for the remainder of the building.

We will begin framing the first building, weather permitting, in early December, and the building will truly feel like it is on its way upward. The first building should be fully enclosed and interior work under way by the first week of January.

I hold weekly construction meetings on site with all my contractors, and the architect as needed. These meetings provide an excellent means for me to closely oversee every aspect of this construction and to pass along this current information to you.

Jim Ruprecht is our construction superintendent, and he is a wonderfully friendly person with over 30 years of construction experience. He has said that you are welcome to stop by the site for a visit, and he hopes you dont mind a bit of mud. Please just let him know when you would like to visit; you can phone Kari or Gina at our VOC office (507.664.0114) and they will get the message to Jim.

If you would rather view the construction progress from the comfort of your desk, go to our website to see the construction photos, updated weekly.

If you have any questions for me, you may reach me at 866.654.0762 or by e-mail. Happy Holidays, wherever you will be celebrating it, and I look forward to sharing more news with you. – Tom Klassen