Artspace Moving Forward on Old Middle School

Artspace Projects, Inc., represented by President Kelley Lindquist and Project Manager Andrew Commers, met with the joint NDDC-NAG Arts, Recreation and Culture Committee this morning.

In his opening remarks to the group, Lindquist was clear that Artspace has not walked away from the project. Artspace was under the impression that their development agreement was going to be cancelled and only wished to respect the decision of the community.

With the recent statements by the School Board and Carleton College, Artspace is continuing to work with the Northfield arts community on a community arts center that will serve student artists, emerging artists and mid-career artists.

In attendance at today’s meeting were Bardwell Smith (Reuse Committee), Jill Enesvedt (artist), Jan Shoger (artist), Sam Demas (NAG), Andrew Commers (Artspace), Tim Goodwin (ARTech), Ross Currier (NDDC), Dixon Bond (Reuse Committee), Rebecca Bazan (NAG), Griff Wigley (NCO), Jane McWilliams (Reuse Committee), Sue Lloyd (artist), Kelley Lindquist (Artspace), Steve Wilmot (NAG), and Christie Clarke (Reuse Committee).

After Lindquist made his opening remarks, attendees asked about recent events, particularly any negotiating discussions. The group also made some comments about Artspace’s performance on this project to date. It was clear that everyone would benefit from better communication going forward.

Lindquist reiterated that Artspace’s product is a working artist project, that Northfield is right for this product, and that Artspace is committed to providing this type of project in Northfield.