An Invitation to the Arts Community

The is email was received last week at the NDDC office. In the interest of fostering broad communication, we are posting it here:

Dear Northfield Civic Leaders:

The conversation about developing Northfield as an Arts Town and, in particular, about the arts as an agent in economic development, is about to enter an exciting new phase. In preparation for action on this topic, we are widening the conversation to include not just the arts organizations in town, but the two colleges, the schools, the City of Northfield and local businesses. The point of this is to initiate a series of actions that will strengthen Northfield’s identity as an Arts Town and strengthen the Northfield economy in the process. You are invited to a discussion forum to kick this off on Tuesday, May 10, 7PM on the second floor of the Rubenstein.

We will hear about other arts towns regionally and nationally, discuss our arts and economic development aspirations and strategies, and make plans for a forum to gather broad community input on these topics. We then plan to implement the strategies identified through this process, which may include things like grant proposals for marketing and program development activities, formation of an arts council or other arts umbrella group, developing shared spaces, etc.

In the wake of the recent developments in the re-use of the old Middle School there is renewed interest in focusing and realizing our goals as an arts town.

Please join us in this new beginning,

Sam Demas and Bardwell Smith
NDDC/NAG Arts, Recreation and Culture Committee

Rebecca Bazan and Steve Meyer
Northfield Arts Guild (NAG)

Heather Robbins