Cookies, Coffee and Retail Ideas

Here’s the list of ideas from Tuesday’s Retail Summit:

Ideas to Strengthen Northfield’s Retail
Generated at the 6/14/05 Forum

1. Buy Local Campaign
2. Set Store Hours for Commuters’ Convenience
3. Check for Ideas
4. Meet with the New Builders in Town
5. Leverage the Internet
6. Fill Empty Niches: Butcher, Hobby Store, etc.
7. Compete on Quality and Service, Stay Close on Price
8. Increase Non-Retail Pullers: Arts & Events
9. Improve Retailer/Resident Communication
10. Get to New Residents with Downtown Package/Basket
11. Mary Rossing’s Cereal Bowl Music Fest
12. “Need More than 3 Great Days a Year”
13. Keep Community Members REGULARLY Coming Downtown
14. Get More Leverage from Students and Colleges
15. Well-Managed, Money-Attracting Festivals
16. Exploit Ease of Shipping
17. Match Product Mix with Demographics (New Housing)
18. Make Shopping Fun
19. Turn Unique Features into Competitive Advantage
20. Learn from Wisconsin Retail Hours Survey

It’s still a bit raw. We’ll spend a bit of time refining it but mostly we’ll work on implementing it.