Art Centers, Art Groups, and Art Towns

For the August Downtown Forum, as an introduction to the ArtSwirl festival (10 Days of the Arts…August 4th – 14th), the NDDC will be hosting John Potter, Executive Director of the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, Wisconsin.

The $7 million facility was built and funded by the William H. Phipps Foundation, area individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations.


The Phipps has 3 galleries…


…yes, 3 galleries,


2 art studios,


2 classrooms,


2 gift galleries, a library, a dance studio, a music studio, a theater, a black box theater and this nifty set shop.


John will be talking about Art Centers, Art Groups and Art Towns.

The NDDC hopes to help focus the conversations on creating space for artists, collaboration between art groups and achieving wider recognition for Northfield as an Art Town. Our ultimate goal is to move our community’s energies toward implementation of long-discussed plans for the creation of actual programs and projects.