Search for Signs Continues

There has been much excitement at the NDDC in response to the new signs erected by 1st National Bank and Tiny’s (pictured above). We really like the signs that hang perpendicularly from the building. Some people call them over-hang signs, some people call them historic signs. Whatever they’re called, we like them alot.


Personally, my fondness goes beyond like…maybe even to love…and perhaps further…to obsession.

I was in Hudson, Wisconsin the other day (on another mission…watch for an upcoming blog) and I took some pictures of some great signs in that town.

The Mars Musical Instruments sign is an old one and it looked like the little rocket ship used to orbit the earth. I’d say it moves beyond promotion into kinetic sculpture.


The Barker’s Bar and Grill sign was quite attractive and the image developed the river town theme. I thought the additional hanging signs with product details provided helpful information.


I found the Home Futon Shop(pe) to be an interesting shape. The iron work was really nice…again, moving beyond simple promotion to noteworthy sculpture.


I really appreciate it when the wooden signs themselves become sculptural. Looking at that sub actually makes my mouth water.


There were three shops, and entrances, along this one building. The signs were designed to work together to create kind of a rhythm, which I thought was an effective concept in this situation.

Those are my pictures of cool signs in Hudson, Wisconsin. Please help feed my obsession. Send me suggestions or images of cool signs that you discover in your own travels. I’d like this to be an on-going topic on our site.

The NDDC hopes to increase the number of sculptural signs in downtown Northfield. We believe that they add visual interest, increase the awareness of our historic district and contribute to the feeling of creative vitality in our downtown.