Then I got home and looked at The City Commons…

…and I realized what Bob was telling me.

The schedule for Northfield Transit lists three stops:

St. Olaf College
Carleton College
Target/Cub Foods

If the bus is leaving St. Olaf at 4:05, and leaving Carleton College at 4:15, then perhaps there should be a stop at “Lansings’/Econofoods” or “The Mercantile/Just Foods” at 4:20.

But someone might suggest that it’s not appropriate for a “Publication of the City of Northfield” to be giving free advertising to these downtown businesses. So I suppose we could have a stop called “Division Street” or “Water Street”…better yet, maybe something romantic sounding like “Bridge Square”.

But I think most of the stakeholders would be satisfied with “Downtown Northfield”.