Arguments Against Stop Signs Don’t Make Sense…at least not the Common Variety

At Monday night’s Council Meeting, City Staff argued that if stop signs were installed on Division Street at 7th Street, they would have to eliminate the diagonal parking along the west side of Division on that block. Looking at other west sides of Division Street blocks, it’s hard to understand this argument.

At Division and 4th, there’s a stop sign with diagonal parking.

At Division and 5th, there’s a stop sign with diagonal parking.

At Division and 7th, there’s a place for a stop sign with diagonal parking.

Perhaps somebody out there in the blogosphere can help me understand this argument.

As for the NDDC, we’ve been working for these stop signs since April and, after six months of hard work, they were defeated on a 5 to 1 vote. We’re thinking that we’re going to give it a rest for a while and hope that maybe the folks living down at Village on the Cannon and walking up to Econofoods might pick up the ball and run with it for a few plays. We’d be happy to provide some blocking.