Community Building, Downtown Vitality, Economic Development and the Future: Citizen-Driven News (Podcast Number 2)

Griff, Tracy and I did the podcast thing again. I think that it is of interest to the community that there is so much agreement between an EDA member and a Planning commissioner on the importance of the Q Block and it’s impact on the future of Northfield. I also foreshadow a future Forum topic during the Dog Park discussion. And you can probably guess what I have to say about the Traffic Light at 3rd and 3.


Today’s topics: The outdoor swimming pool (0-08:00 min); the Q Block development (08:00-14:30); traffic light at 3rd & Hwy 3 (14:30-17:15); Q-Comp (17:15-24:45); a dog park (24:45-30:00). Length of show: 30 minutes.

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