Tell Us What You Think

OLESTORE33.jpgOne of the most enjoyable tasks of serving on the NDDC board is getting to select the monthly Downtown Forum topics. A group of us brainstormed recently at the Ole Store (close to downtown, and a great neighborhood resource) on possible topics for the coming year. But we would like to hear from regular readers of this blog about what interests *you.* So, here goes.

In January, the NDDC will host Mayor Lee Lansing in a question-and-answer format, allowing audience members to grill hizzoner on anything they choose. After that, we have numerous options:

  1. a forum on how business owners can create an effective website;
  2. how can Northfield become more pedestrian- and bicyclist-friendly?;
  3. sidewalk dining downtown once the weather turns warm;
  4. a downtown (or near-downtown) off-leash dog park;
  5. tax-increment financing;
  6. living downtown; what do we need to pay attention to as downtown becomes more filled with residents, rather than only shoppers, visitors and store owners;
  7. how to make Northfield a well-known center for alternative healing and health;
  8. once the St. Olaf wind turbine comes online, a forum on Northfield as a site for alternative energy.

The NDDC board sponsors the monthly Downtown Forum the first Tuesday of every month at 8 a.m., in the lower level of the Archer House. Coffee and cookies (!) provided. We typically draw at least three dozen people for interesting topics, heated debates — what you’d normally expect in Northfield. So please Contact Us and let us know which of the topics above seem worthy of your time.