College Students Request 24-Hour Diner


Driving downtown to work this morning, I listened to KRLX, Carleton College’s radio station. Although I usually get to hear music that is not even played on “The Current”, for my brief trip today, I got talk radio. It was actually a good thing.

The student doing the radio show was making a plea to the town of Northfield. He was asking for a 24-Hour Diner. He had a good point: a town with 5,000 students, often operating on non-typcial schedules, generally with substantial appetites.

As previously reported on this blog, I went to Wesleyan in Middletown, Connecticut. We had two all-night diners in town. There were a couple of times that I remember refueling at odd hours. I appreciated the amenity.

He wanted the diner to be withing walking distance. For Carleton, that would be downtown. Hey, I could get behind that concept.

Any night-owl entrepreneurs out there?