NDDC Meets with St. Olaf Art Department

Representatives of the NDDC ARC Committee met with members of the St. Olaf Art Department today. The topic was the proposed Building for Creative Professionals.

Seated around the table are Dan Dressen, Jan Shoger, Jill Ewald, Mary Reid Kelley, Patrick Kelley, John Saurer, Christie Hawkins, Mary Griep and Bardwell Smith.

The NDDC presented preliminary plans for the building and St. Olaf faculty offered many valuable insights. Of particular interest was the concept that there are two large markets for the studio space, those artists for whom art is a vocation and those artists for whom art is an avocation. The developing design concepts will be shaped accordingly.

One of the NDDC’s top priorties is that participation in the project is open to all artists and all art organizations. The discussions will continue and all are welcome to join.