Resolutions Worth Repeating


There was a guest column in the Opinion section of the Strib today (1/8/06) by Minnetonka CIty Administrator and former Minnesota Finace Commissioner John Gunyou that I thought was worth highlighting. It was called “Election-year resolutions he’d like to see”. Here’s his list:

1. Play nicer.
I’d say criticize the policies, not the party or the person.
2. Focus on what matters.
We’re facing more pressing matters than what people are doing in their bedrooms.
3. Be fiscally honest.
Stop wasting our time (and money) with short-term shell games.
4. Treat local officials as partners.
Cities really need local tax money to provide fire fighters, police, roads and parks.
5. Honor our commitment to schools.
Trying a new gimmick every 6 years is steadily eroding one of the state’s greatest assets.
6. Spend smarter.
Kindergartens are cheaper than prisons.
7. Stop shooting the messenger.
Hey, all I’m saying is that three years is a heck of a long time to be asking for a few bike racks.