Green Takeover of Downtown?

Norman Butler caught me lunching with Bruce Anderson of REnew Northfield. For those of you who might think that we’re plotting to make Birkenstocks mandatory in downtown, rest assured, we moved well beyond that plan.

Bruce and I talked about a number of shared interests of our organizations. Among the topics were Green Businesses and Economic Development, LEED Building Standards and the Building for Creative Professionals, Increasing the Pedestrian and Bike Friendliness of our Community, the Municipalization of Local Utilities and Assuring our Community’s Economic Security through Informed Decision-Making. We also enjoyed the delicious food at Chapati.

RENew Northfield is holding their regular, third-Thursday-of-the-month meeting of their transportation committee this Thursday, February 16, 7 pm, in the RENew Northfield conference room (2nd floor, 402 Washington St.). All are welcome, and refreshments will be served.

One of the topics will be Northfield as a Bicycle Friendly Community. We urge downtown, and community, stakeholders to attend.