Beaten to the Blog, but Not to the Punch…Line

NDDC Board Vice President Joe Grundhoefer celebrates in City Hall parking lot after successfully securing EDA financial support for 2006. Long-awaited statue of John North is in the background.

EDA Member, downtown business owner, and American Idol challenger in the blogging category, Tracy Davis spread the news while I was sitting in meetings. The EDA voted to give the NDDC financial support for another year. Although the majority of the NDDC’s funding comes from the annual contributions of businesses and individuals, the EDA’s assistance will allow us to pursue additional initiatives this year.

Among the accomplishments of the NDDC recognized by the EDA as contributions to economic development in Northfield were: the downtown directory, the banner program, creation and co-sponsoring of ArtSwirl, the store sign program, the welcome students and welcome parents programs, the muncipal historic sign program, econometric bench-marking and numerous and regular gatherings of downtown stakeholders to meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

In her blog entry, Tracy also praised the many partnerships that the NDDC has forged over the past few years. Well, with a modest budget, a part-time executive director, and a significant dependence on volunteer hours, you darn well better be able to make good friends, fast and frequently.

Thanks to Tracy and the rest of the EDA for the recognition, support and partnership and thanks to NDDC board members, community advisors and stakeholders for making it all happen.

And thanks to Joe for expressing the emotional response that we all felt about our success.