Economic Development, the Creative Class and Tolerance

There’s much discussion in town over the past day or so about a full page ad in the Wednesday edition of the Northfield News. Hundreds of people in town felt so strongly about a proposed amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that would bar legal recognition to same-gender civil unions that they took out an ad opposing the amendment.

In the February 12th Star Tribune Opinion page, Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class (a book discussed at the NDDC’s March 2005 Forum), was asked about the potential impact of such an amendment. His answer:

“I think that passing this amendment would be a terrible mistake for Minnesota, which has always been seen as a beacon for civil rights and self-expression, a place that values innovation and human ideas. Places that will do best in the emerging economy will be those that allow people to be themselves. Creative people have a choice about where to live and work. They will migrate to places that are tolerant and where they can do their work.”