EDA Discusses Combining Swimming Pool and Liquor Store

Before the EDA meeting officially started this morning, in a conversation about moving projects forward more quickly, Vice President Mark Moors suggested combining the Swimming Pool and Liquor Store and thus making the City’s development dollars go further. Treasurer Rick Estenson added that, through this approach, perhaps the Liquor Store could subsidize the operations of the Swimming Pool. Director of Community Development Brian O’Connell pointed out the economic development potential of a “swim-up bar” and offered to conduct research on Tiki Bars in Mexico. Council and EDA member Galen Malecha then pointed out that he was perhaps uniquely qualified to be a combination lifeguard and bartender.

Then they called the meeting to order and talked about their 2006 Work Plan which includes:

– Enhancing the relationship between the EDA and the City Council
– Implementing the Q Block Redevelopment Project
– Implementing the Economic Development Plan
– Increasing Land Resources for Business/Industrial Expansion
– Monitoring, Advising and Challenging (when necessary) Rice County Economic Development Initiatives
– Creating a Marketing Plan for Existing and New Businesses
– Reviewing the EDA Organizational Structure and Making Necessary Changes

Personally, I really admire a group of people that can create improvisational comedy based on economic development issues at 7:15 in the morning.