Blocks Heads get the Latest Updates on Construction Projects

Heidi Hamilton and Howard Merriam of the City of Northfield updated the Block Heads Wednesday morning on construction projects that will impact downtown traffic flows this summer. Here’s the nickel summary:

For the installation of the Library Plaza and paver crosswalks across 3rd Street and Division, the following road closures and parking restrictions will occur:

3rd Street and its parking (south of the library) will be closed on the east side of Division for approximately ten days between May 15 and July 14, but not during Crazy Days or July 4 activities. Specific dates have not been set.

Division Street will be closed just north fo 3rd Street for ten days after Defeat of Jesse James Days (to avoid conflict with Hwy 3 construction).

Highway 3 construction will close access to downtown from 3rd and 5th Street between May 4 and the end of July (approximately July 24). During this period, access to downtown from the west will be via Woodley and 2nd Street.

The NDDC and the City of Northfield will be working hard to lessen the adverse impact to downtown of these important construction projects.

For the “graphic” deatails, see the Highway 3 Reconstruction and Detour Maps.

…and thanks to Heidi and Howard for helping to keep the Block Heads informed!