It’s 7 am, do you know where your Bike Rack is?

At this month’s Forum, there was much discussion about making Northfield more bike-friendly. With me present, of course there was some discussion of downtown’s need for more bike racks.

On the recent edition of Locally Grown, I announced that I had conducted a survey of the locations of bike racks downtown. Several people have asked me for that list.

Although the NDDC has initiated the creation of a map and directory of these locations, I thought that I could at least post my list for now. If I’ve missed any, please let me know. Working together, we’ll accomplish much more.

Downtown Bike Rack Locations

Public Library (back)
Central Block (backside)
Mike’s Bikes
McClaughry Building (side)
Fine Groove
Historic Society (is it a bike rack?)
Community National Bank
Public Library (front)
Blue Monday
S. Water Median
Post Office Park
Just Food
Mr. Movies
Wells Fargo