Locally Grown, Internationally Produced

Locally Grown, the podcast collaborative between the community and the college, pushed into another corner of the envelope this morning.

While Carleton student and radio geek Cameron Nordholm, local business owner and EDA member Tracy Davis, and NDDC executive director and Planning Commission member Ross Currier, gathered, a little bleary eyed, in the KRLX studios at 8 am in Northfield, podcast consultant and former NCO executive director Griff Wigley and international bike rider and former mayoral candidate Betsey Buckheit, chatted about their delightful lunch in Cambridge, England as they sat in the comfort of a British flat at 2 pm, they all came together through the miracle of technology to produce the latest edition of Locally Grown.

Without the benefit of my morning espresso from Blue Monday, I’m only partially confident that we talked about taking steps to make bicycle transportation a more viable option in post petroleum Northfield. Possible plans for safer bike routes, the pros and cons of signage, the need for universal adherence to the rules of the road, and, I’m sure, bike racks were part of the discussion.

We then moved on to the the long-awaited Economic Development Plan by TIP Strategies (the consultants from Texas). Terribly teasing all of us economic development wonks, Tracy revealed little but hinted at much as we learned that the final report was being reviewed internally and should be available to the public next month.

Griff and Betsey added some insights that they have gained overseas. Perhaps they’ll teach us all how these clever Britains can hold an umbrella, talk on a cell phone and ride a bike at the same time.

Here’s the link: Locally Grown Podcast #12.