The Legs of Downtown Retail

As I was distributing an NDDC statement on 1306 to City Council members yesterday (more on that topic in a minute), I was asked by several people about my recent blog entry on the Northfield Union of Youth’s upcoming Spaghetti Dinner. Specifically, they wanted to know which “Key Kids” worked in downtown businesses.

Well, I explained to the technologically challenged, but unnamed, individuals that if you click on the highlighted and underlined reference, you’ll be taken to that web site. But this Key Kids – Downtown Business connection is way cool, so I’ve put the picture on our website too.

Now, I’m not suggesting that I’m noting everyone, and I’m certainly not guaranteeing that I’ve got the spelling right. However, my quick glance resulted in the following recognitions: Riahl O-Malley at Champion Sport, Stewart Moyer at Mike’s Bikes and Sarah Lee at Tiny’s Dog’s All Day.

Let me know who I’ve missed…and who I’ve misspelled…

…thanks much.