Surviving Highway 3 Reconstruction

constructionavoidthumb.gifAs mentioned in a recent blog entry, the NDDC made an effort to enhance the construction signage for the Highway 3 Construction project.

Although you can find out how to get to the tourist information, it’s not as clear as we think it should be on how to get to downtown businesses. If downtown business owners continue to express their concerns to us, we’ll take another crack at it.

In the meantime, I was impressed with Just Food‘s efforts to keep the customers coming through their doors in spite of the inconvenience.

Joey Robison, their Marketing and Member Services Manager, was kind enough to share their “Construction Avoidance Map” with me. I have posted it on our site with the thought that it might be a useful tool for other downtown businesses.

Working together, we’ll survive, and, if we get creative, we might even thrive.