Municipal Historic Sign Installed on Highway 35

The Municipal Historic Sign, letting the tens of thousands of motorists that pass by on Highway 35 each day know about Historic Northfield, just seven scenic miles to the east, was intalled today.

Thanks to NDDC Board Members Anastasia Balfany (for the brilliant idea), former NDDC Board Member Jim Braucher (for the engineering), NDDC Board Member Tristan Cox (for securing the site), NDDC Board Member Joe Grundhoefer (for masterful diplomacy) and NDDC Board Member Keith Covey (for attending to the legal details).

Thanks also to the Simon family (for the location), Rick Peterson of MNDOT (for the helpful approach to the sign application), Paul Beaumaster of Rice County (for the local angle on the approval), the Northfield Convention and Visitors Bureau (for a big piece of the funding), Dave Ludescher (for working with Keith on the legal details), Brushworks (for the actual sign) and Duane Fredrickson (for erecting the sign).

As Anastasia said, “One down, three to go”.