NDDC Monthly Forum to Work to Keep Library Downtown

At the NDDC’s upcoming Monthly Forum (Tuesday, June 6th) the focus of our efforts will be to try to find a way to meet the library’s space needs, keep this vital anchor in downtown and all at a cost that is considered reasonable by the citizens.

Our panel will consist of Al Roder, City Administrator, Mark Gleason, Chair of the Library Board and Sam Demas, local Library Expert. The panel will begin the discussion with brief remarks on the needs of the library, the consultants’ recommendation and the process going forward.

We’ll then open it up for community input. We’re encouraging all design professionals and amateur brainstormers to contribute their ideas to the discussion.

So come on down and join us in this important discussion. It’s Tuesday, June 6th, 8 am in the Riverview Conference Room of the Archer House. Coffee and cookies will be served.