Northfield Triumphs over Red Wing

…at least in Flower Baskets.

I hope that you all take time now and then to stop and smell the roses, or at least stop and enjoy the hanging flower baskets. They seem particularly beautiful to me this year.

My late mother-in-law, and former City Council member, Marjorie Cox told me that a few of Northfield’s civic leaders got the idea from Red Wing. Ironically, Dan Bergeson and I both have been to Red Wing recently (he for the bike trail, me for the food…no surprise there), and, much to our pleasant surprise, noticed that the Red Wing flower baskets were just not as healthy and vibrant looking at those in downtown Northfield.

Contrary to a recent report, although they are responsible for many of the attractive plantings in downtown, the Garden Club does not maintain the flower baskets. As City Operations Manager Joel Walinski will point out, the City of Northfield takes care of the flower baskets.

So, raise your watering cans in a toast to the City of Northfield, our flower baskets our the finest in southern Minnesota!