Where’s Paul?

Well, of course he’s all over town, keeping the Vintage Band Music Festival hopping. Which, by the way, continues with concerts throughout Northfield all weekend long.

However, he’s only in the Northfield Entertainment Guide 9 times instead of the promised 10. This just in from Rob Shanilac, at the Northfield Entertainment Guide:

PAUL’S MISSING! Between the time the Official Vintage Band Festival Program left proofing and went to press one of the 10 images of Paul Niemisto disappeared from the publication. Consequently the contest to find 10 imagesof Paul (page 1) is impossible to complete (though some readers think they have!). Undoubtedly there were many tasks left to do and Paul simply jumped off the page.

So, if you, like me, gave up after only finding him 9 times, submit your answer for possible prizes.