What I Really Did on My Vacation

Well, there’s a variety of arts, recreations and cultures available to us in this great nation/state/town of ours. In case you don’t recognize it, this is Fenway Park, on “New Hampshire Day”, where the Red Sox beat the Orioles 11 to 9 last Sunday afternoon.

From left to right, me (yes, wearing Red Sox cap and shirt…when in Beantown, render unto Papi what is Papi’s, or something like that…), my brother Ben (of the Red Sox Nation in Venice Beach, California), my brother Tad (wearing Chicago Cubs clothing…well, he did grow up in Mount Prospect, Illinois) and my father (Amesbury High School in Massachusetts, Bowdoin College in Maine…yeah, he’s a life-long Red Sox fan).

Vacation’s over, it’s back to work. The Red Sox better beat the Yankees this weekend if they’re planning on post season play, ’cause the Twins are going to win the Wild Card slot, if not more, and the second place participant in the playoffs will be from the Central Division.