Crosswalk Construction to Begin Again

I just got this notice from Sean Simonson, in the Engineering Department of the City of Northfield. Folks have been asking about the “dropping of the other shoe” so I’d thought I’d post it right away, including the PDF map.

September 26, 2006
Library Corner Park Improvements

Dear Business Owner,

trafficcontrolmaptn.pngAs you know, the City of Northfield has been completing improvements near the intersection of Division Street and Third Street. This work includes a new brick-paver crosswalk across Division Street. The contractor has indicated that they will be returning to complete this crosswalk on Monday, October 2, 2006.

Therefore Division Street will be closed immediately north of Third Street. During the street closure, Division Street will be switched to one-way southbound traffic between Third Street and Fourth Street, with access from Third Street. Diagonal parking on the west side of Division Street will not be affected, and parking on the east side of Division Street will be allowed southbound, instead of the current northbound configuration.

Between Second and Third Street traffic and parking will remain both north and southbound on Division Street with a few parking stalls blocked off near the Third Street and Division Street intersection to allow for cars to make a u-turn. (See attached map)

The contractor has 10 working days to complete the crosswalk and have Division Street back open to traffic. Barring any weather delays, Division Street will re-open on Friday, October 13, 2006.

Please feel free to contact me at 507-645-3049 if you have any questions regarding the crosswalk construction.


Sean M. Simonson
Engineering Technician II

Cc: Heidi Hamilton; Project Files

September 28th update from Heidi Hamilton:

Construction of the crosswalk across Division Street that was planned to begin next week will be delayed to spring 2007 in order to avoid the traffic congestion that would be caused by closing Division Street in conjunction with Highway 3 construction.

Please contact me with any questions.