Whut Up with Wi-Fi?

From the Main Street News:

In rural Cadiz, Kentucky, the local Main Street Program is using emerging technologies to its own advantage. Thanks to the vision of a computer-savvy Main Street board member, the town’s Economic Development Council now broadcasts a wireless internet signal over a four-block radius in the downtown, enabling users to access the web for free. Downtown businesses like restaurants and the local bookstore and internet cafe have reported increased customer traffic and sales. Wi-Fi has open up new opportunities for the downtown art museum, which is strengthening its classes and workshops for area students who use the technology. The Main Street program is offering free, high-speed internet as an attractive incentive to encourage business to move downtown.

The NDDC has long been raising this concept and pushing for its implementation. I know that the City set up a Task Force to look into this, and other communication technologies topics. I’m wondering if anyone can update us on their progress.