Movement on the Liquor Store?

Sometime ago, EDA Member Tracy Davis blogged about the Liquor Store. Specifically, she discussed the three options presented to the City Council at their 2/27/06 meeting.

The three options discussed were:
1) Relocate to the Q-Block property on Highway 3,
2) Relocate to the 600 block of Division Street and,
3) Expand the existing liquor store at its current location.

Tracy suggested that the ranking in the report presented to the Council was based solely on the theoretical sales potential of each site. She wondered if there might other measurements for evaluating the city’s investment in this project.

Rumor has it that this topic may be back on the public agenda. As I have suggested before, the Liquor Store is one of the economic anchors of downtown. Perhaps it is time to reopen the discussion along the lines that Tracy has suggested.