NDDC Board, Stakeholders to Discuss Priorities for 2007 at Forum

What are the priority projects for downtown vitality in 2007 and beyond? The NDDC Board of Directors would like to hear from the downtown stakeholders.

There are many substantial projects currently being discussed in Northfield: expansion or relocation of the Downtown Northfield Public Library, renovation or relocation of the Northfield Municipal Liquor Store, upgrading or relocating City Hall, recreating or relocating the Safety Center, possible construction of a community Arts and Culture Center, siting and constructing a YMCA and perhaps even renovating or relocating the downtown branch of the United States Post Office are all possible projects in the very near future. All of them will require capital investment, all of them offer potential economic return and all of them could have an impact on downtown vitality.

The NDDC Board of Directors will host an informal discussion of these potential projects at its monthly Downtown Forum, Tuesday, December 5th, 8 am in the Riverview Conference Room at the Archer House. Coffee and cookies will be served.