Local Artists Exhibit in New Gallery

Friday night my wife and I went downtown, first to dinner at the Hideaway and then to a movie, yes, a movie, at Grezzo Gallery.

The movie was about scapbooking. My wife is a big scrapbooker, we’ve got a dining room table set up in the basement, surrounded by cabinets full of supplies, for some serious scrapbooking. But, hey, then I saw the basement of the lady in the movie and, whew, I realized there’s another level of scrapbook production that my wife could achieve.

…and that scrapbooking lady was at Grezzo, in the flesh, along with the guy who made the movie. As I was saying, the movie was about scrapbooking and my wife is into that…so…I figured that the movie would be…uh…informative. But, whoa, it was a total hoot. That filmmaker, Wes Thompson, is hilarious. I was laughing out loud during most of the movie. I mean, this movie was free and I’ve paid eight bucks for a comedy that wasn’t even funny, like no laughs out loud at all.

So, my wife and I, we bought the movie so that our family and friends could check it out at their leisure. But you can check it out too. It’s playing at Grezzo Gallery, in a contiuous loop.

There’s art on the walls too, like by local artist Ally Beyer, pictured here with Wes, who, by the way, also works at at Downtown business, Rare Pair to be specific. So come on Down(town) and see the movie and check out Ally’s art and maybe buy a new pair of shoes while you’re at it. Say “hey” to Ally for me.