Chamber – NDDC Forum to Strengthen Retail

The Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce and the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation are co-hosting a special community meeting during the regularly scheduled Monthly Downtown Forum. The groups are working together under contract with the Northfield Economic Development Authority to develop greater coordination of retail strategies.

The participants in the Forum will be asked to work on the following five topics:
1. Identify the groups and programs that currently support retail
2. Search for the commonalities between retailers
3. Generate ideas on the “gaps” in our retail mix
4. Identify the challenges and opportunities in filling these gaps
5. Generate concepts for increased retail leverage from tourism

The NDDC’s Downtown Forum is held the first Tuesday of every month, in this case February 6th, at 8 am in the Riverview Conference Room of the Historic Archer House, 212 Division Street. Coffee and cookies will be served.

All Northfield business owners are encouraged to attend.