Results from Forum Work Session

This is a 10-page PDF of Keith Covey’s refinement of the small group notes and 5 big worksheets from yesterday’s retail forum. Thanks to Keith Covey and Kathy Feldbrugge for their gathering and recording work and Keith on his clarifying and categorizing efforts.

Note: readers should not be surprised or offended if they disagree with or consider some items wrong or mis-informed. This is essentially raw data — all the ideas, comments and personal impressions from the 80 plus people that we have simply assembled and minimally organized. The lists have not been edited for accuracy and do not represent the opinions or positions of the NDDC and/or the Chamber of Commerce.

People who weren’t there may look at it and see their business category among the “gaps” or find that we’ve left out their service that supports Northfield retail. This is a work in progress. The information and ideas will be further honed as we move through the process.