St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Northfield

Jim O’Pokorney posted this to and so I’m repurposing it here. I’ll just add, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”… at least enough for your Scandanavian lips.

St. Patrick's Day Parade poster

Kevin O’Connell, that famous Irish American poet doctor once proclaimed, “The best part about being hit on the head with a hammer is when it stops.”

The pounding pain of winter is over. I know this because Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, the harbinger of Spring. No matter your nationality, get out of the house and come downtown to do what needs to be done. Like St. Patrick ridding the snakes from Ireland, let’s march together down Division Street to rid the last of winter from Northfield’s community spirit.

On Saturday, gather at Econ O’Foods parking lot at 2 p.m. to partake in something so spontaneous, so light hearted, and so odd that our winter mindset will be magically vanquished for another year (OK, maybe 7 months).

This is definitely an event for all Northfield citizens of any age or nationality. We all like to watch a parade, but all of us, especially our kids, love to march in a parade. To receive candy from a stranger – not so good, but to throw candy to a stranger – what can be more fun!

We finish the parade by marching into the Grand for an afternoon of music and community spirit. Meet your friends and neighbors — the winter hibernation is over!

Click the image above to view a PDF poster with further details on the day’s festivities.