Craziness Continues

CrazyLunchAtJoes.jpgHere’s a scene that is a favorite for many folks at Crazy Daze, eating a Grundhoefer Burger on Division Street.

Okay, so breakfast and lunch may have passed, there’s still much more to come…

…like the Waiters’ Race along Division Street, Classic Cars “south of 5th” on Division, Pie on the Square by the Northfield News on Bridge Square, a Dance Performance by the Northfield Academy on Bridge Square, ’50s and ’60s Music by KRDS on Division Street between 5th and 6th, and Songs of Hope, co-sponsored by the Northfield Public Schools, the Northfield Rotary Club, and the Northfield News on Bridge Square.

So come on down(town) and catch some of the Crazy Daze fun before it’s “wait ’til next year”.