Tasty Time in Downtown Northfield

ton_tn.gifThe first annual Taste of Northfield was widely considered to be one of the most fun events of 2006. We’re doing it again this year, with a few more twists.

For our sophomore effort (see PDF of the poster), it will be bigger and better. There will be even more local food vendors, College City Beverage and the Northfield Municipal Liquor Store are arranging beverage tastings, and the Showmobile will host live music and a live auction, featuring contributions from the wonderful retailers of downtown.

Gather with family, friends and neighbors in the heart of Northfield, Bridge Square, on Thursday, July 19th, from 5 to 9 pm, and taste some of the fine offerings of local businesses, enjoy some of the excellent live entertainment, and celebrate the community of which you are an important part.

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