Hear an Echo

EchoScottKerri.jpg…that would be Echo Used DVDs and Games, the new store at 409 Division Street.

Pictured are Scott and Kerri Houfer, the husband and wife team that own and operate the business. When scouting for a new location for Echo, they participated in the Retail Support Strategies kick-off session at the Grand, to get a sense of the place.

They said that they were really impressed with the progressive and proactive attitudes of Northfield’s business community. It was something that they didn’t find in their previous location. Apparently that experience sealed the deal.

They are very happy with their move so far. Even though they haven’t yet done any advertising, they are really pleased with the considerable foot traffic and the amount of business they’ve picked up from the sidewalk.

They have a really great selection of used DVDs, from classic to contemporary, and games, which I’m thirty years too old to figure out. Stop on in and take a good look and welcome Scott and Kerri to Northfield.

2 thoughts on “Hear an Echo

  1. It’s SO GREAT to have that long empty space filled! It’s like the block finally got some good dental work done. Welcome to the block Scott and Kerri. I look forward to meeting you both.
    Mary Rossing

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