Rossing Becomes President

NDDC_ExecComm.jpgMary Rossing has accepted the position as President of the NDDC Board of Directors. After a couple of meetings and discussions with Dan Bergeson and Joe Grundhoefer, it truly became official when she attended her first Executive Committee meeting this morning.

Mary, pictured here with Secretary Keith Covey, Treasurer Dave Shumway, Past President Dan Bergeson, and Vice President Joe Grundhoefer, is a long-time downtown business owner. She has operated a studio or shop in downtown for ten years, and is now owner of the Present Perfect property and business.

Not satisfied with a mere day job, Mary is very active in the community. She has served on a number of boards and committees, is very active in Northfield’s cultural and social swirl and, with her spare time, is an artist. Those of us who know her recognize that the party, or event, or meeting, doesn’t really start until Mary arrives.

We are delighted that she has taken on the responsibility of serving as our President. We look forward to her leadership, guided by her intelligence, shaped by her creativity, and powered by her energy.

4 thoughts on “Rossing Becomes President

  1. Congratulations, Mary — and to the NDDC for making such a fine selection!

    When I moved to Northfield (a little over five years ago), I did so with the intention of getting involved in the community — especially the downtown community. But in all honesty, it was Mary Rossing — one of the first people I met — that really made it happen. Her friendliness and enthusiasm was/is infectious and I deeply value and respect her love for this community.

  2. Oops, it’s been pointed out to me more than once that maybe I’m assuming everybody knows who these Executive Committee folks are beyond being NDDC Board Members…

    …from left to right, Keith Covey is retired Director of Facilities at Carleton College, two-time Mayor of Northfield and one of the founders of the NDDC, Dave Shumway is CEO of 1st National Bank, Dan Bergeson is Director of Auxiliary Services & Special Projects at Carleton College, you know Mary, and Joe Grundhoefer, is owner of J. Grundy’s Rueb-N-Stein.

  3. Wow! The “Rossing Becomes President” headline really caught my eye!
    I’m sure she’ll be a good one.

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