NDDC Strategizes Legislation with Representative Bly

LegislativeStrategies.jpgThe NDDC’s E R Team (or Expansion and Redevelopment Committee) met with State Representative David Bly this morning. The topic was legislative strategies for addressing the issue of ever-rising commercial property taxes in the downtown district.

The meeting was held at our usual location, the Rueb-N-Stein. Pictured here are NDDC Secretary Keith Covey, EDA Member Victor Summa, State Representative David Bly, and NDDC Vice President Joe Grundhoefer.

We discussed the economic challenges faced by our downtown district and the threats they pose to the overall quality of life in Northfield. Representative Bly said that we are not alone; it is a problem in many other communities in Greater Minnesota. He believes that there will be support for our efforts at the state level. He offered to set up a meeting for us with some key leaders in St. Paul.

There was some fairly detailed consideration of the pros and cons of previous approaches such as This Old House, Green Acres, and Limited Market Value. Bly is currently having a legislative researcher conduct analysis of the possibilities. We want to craft our strategy to increase the likelihood of success.

It was a bit of much appreciated momentum at a critical point for us. We’re going to reconnect on the issue next week.

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