Scarlett Johansson Shops Downtown Northfield

ScarlettJohanssonRarePair.jpgI received an anonymous tip that Scarlett Johansson, star in a number of films, including “The Horse Whisperer”, “Ghost World”, “Lost in Translation”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, and “A Love Song for Bobby Long”, was shopping for shoes in Rare Pair today. It has been suggested that this photo was taken when she was gazing at the incredible selection of quality footwear offered by this local retailer.

She was in town for an appearance at Carleton College, stumping for Barack Obama. It was rumored that she arrived a few minutes late…wearing a new pair of shoes.

I guess the moral of the story is SHOP LOCAL, you never know who you might meet in…

…Downtown Northfield.

2 thoughts on “Scarlett Johansson Shops Downtown Northfield

  1. 5 pm Update –

    I heard an unconfirmed report from some of my Northfield High School connections that Scarlett dined at Hogan Brothers.

    You gotta give her credit, she can scope out a situation and make solid decisions pretty quickly…

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