Northfielders Say Goodbye to Lansing Hardware Store

LansingGenerations08.jpgGrateful customers, friends, neighbors, and citizens will gather in the Lansing Hardware parking lot to help Lee and David lock their doors for the last time. There will be grilling, greeting, jokes and music, as well as a brief ceremony this Wednesday evening, April 30, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, to celebrate their years of good service to Northfielders.

Lansing opened in their first downtown location in 1974. After a couple of moves, they ended up in their present location, renovating the building in 1982, and creating an attractive, long-time anchor to the southern end of downtown Northfield.

Lee talked about adapting to the economic changes over the years, selling shotguns and appliances when they first opened and eventually settling into hardware and garden supplies. At their peak, they employed 30 to 35 people and served about 200,000 customers per year. At least one of their employees has been with them for over thirty years.

David spoke fondly of their connection to youth, both through employment and supporting activities and events in the community. Over the years he figures that about 650 local youth have worked at Lansing, usually for two or three years, and, in a few cases, more than one generation of a family.

So come on down(town) and help Lee and David close down the hardware store one last time. See your friends and neighbors, have a bite to eat, a little fun, and recognize the Lansing Family’s many contributions to the community.

2 thoughts on “Northfielders Say Goodbye to Lansing Hardware Store

  1. In 1974 I was at Northfield National Bank (now Community Resource Bank), and very clearly remember Lee coming to Northfield to open the Hardware store downtown. We left Northfield in 1978(?) and haven’t seen Lee since. If you have the opportunity, please greet him from me! And wish him and his family well!


    Wayne Finnern
    Farmers State Bank
    Madelia, MN

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