Flowers on the Bridge

FlowersOnTheBridge.jpgOne of the most exciting things that the Northfield Garden Club announced (as part of their Northfield In Bloom initiative) at the NDDC’s April Forum was their plan to place flower boxes on the Pedestrian Bridge. I thought it would be a symbolic, but vibrantly visual, uniting of the east and west sides of the river.

Well, they’ve done it. Not that anyone who has met with these folks would think that they move slowly. However, it was a real treat as we were walking around Bridge Square this morning, planning placement for elements of the Taste of Northfield, to see the flowers down river.

It’s only the beginning…of all the beautification projects and celebratory events planned for Downtown Northfield this summer. So come on down(town) and share in the visual treats and fun activities. Everyone is not only welcome but appreciated…

…in Downtown Northfield.