I (Heart) Downtown Northfield

NoBabyGoWithABabe.jpgWhat’s that saying about the cobbler’s children and shoes?

Okeh, so apparently I’m the last blogger in town to comment on the recent appearance of the “I Love Downtown Northfield” buttons (thanks to NorthfieldDotOrg and LocallyGrown), produced by the NDDC. Fortunately, Board President Mary Rossing agreed to have her button photographed, so I have an attractive illustration for this post.

The button is the brain child of the NDDC’s Events and Marketing Committee. That can-do assembly includes Mary Rossing (Present Perfect), Linda Schneewind (digs), Ally Beyer (Rare Pair), Anastasia Balfany (NDDC Board), Tammy Rice (Stoneyhill), Pam Gillespie (Edina Realty), Abby Erickson (By All Means Graphics), Julie Bixby (Chapati/Contented Cow), and Nichole Maloney (Sweet Pea’s Loft). Mary described them as “a great group of talented and
enthusiastic women who LOVE downtown”.

Although the buttons may generate some income (we paid for the manufacturing but the design, distribution, and sales work is volunteered), that was not the reason for the initiative. NDDC Board and Committee Members, as well as more than a few average citizens, felt that Northfield could use a little positive attitude.

So, come on down(town), buy a button, and share the love. Perhaps smile…and maybe even giggle or wink.