NDDC Board Continues Business Visits

The NDDC Board continued with their schedule of visits to downtown businesses. A half dozen additional establishments received the map pad of knowledge and the coffee cup of welcome in recent days.

The group got a nickel tour of the Northfield YMCA’s exciting new space in the Northfield Armory at 519 Division Street from Executive Director Virginia Kaczmarek. Next they were shown the newly, and beautifully, remodeled space at the Fieldhouse Restaurant in Riverpark Mall, by owner Christina Lemke. Then they walked across the street and met the new owner of Churchhill Automotive (at 517 South Water Street) Milan Hart. It should be noted that Milan bought the business after he and his wife fell in love with the town during a visit.

A day later the NDDC crew was back at it, stopping first to thank Wayne Eddy and KYMN for all they do for the community. They then stopped in to see By All Means Graphics‘ new space at 17 Bridge Square, and to say “hey” to Rob Schanilec, running into the Chamber Ambassadors while there. The day’s visits ended with Maxine Closner at Swag (423 Division Street) and a viewing of her always changing and always inspiring collection of artistic objects.

The visits will continue. You never know where the NDDC Board will “strike” next.

BoardVisitsII 001.jpg BoardVisitsII 002.jpg

BoardVisitsII 003.jpg BoardVisitsII 004.jpg

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