NDDC and CVB Team Up Again to Attract Visitors

DownhoursSiteOfMHS.jpgThe NDDC and Convention and Visitors Bureau are teaming up again. We are erecting another Municipal Historic Sign this summer. This time we’ll be catching the attention of potential visitors driving north on Interstate 35.

NDDC Board Member Anastasia Balfany is again leading the charge. She has secured a site with Nancy and David Downhour (pictured here with the stake marking the future location of the sign) and Nancy’s sister, Marlys Bauer. The property is the old family farmstead for Nancy and Marlys.

The Board of Directors of the NDDC heartily thanks Nancy and David Downhour, as well as Marlys Bauer, for their support of our efforts in keeping downtown Northfield a vibrant and vital place.

While the NDDC is doing much of the legwork, the CVB has indicated that they will provide the critical portion of the financing. Chamber President and CVB Board Member Jeff Hasse has been particularly supportive of these efforts. Working in such partnerships, we can achieve much more for economic vitality.

The previous sign, greeting the 11 million drivers annually on southbound 35, has been quite popular. In fact, the State of Minnesota selected it as representative of the ideal for the program. We look forward to seeing it as we return home from Iowa!

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