ArtSwirl Takes the Stage

necklace group.jpg…or at least the Showmobile, on Bridge Square, in Downtown Northfield.

Saturday is always one of the most delightful times to be downtown, enjoying the vibrant shops, historic buildings, wild and scenic river, and…

…the Arts and Culture.

This Saturday, August 9th, is going to be especially enjoyable.

From 12 to 6 pm, there will be an Artists’ Market in Bridge Square, celebrating the creations of local and regional artists, including Andrea Carpentier, John Ehresmann, Heather Lawrenz, Barb Matz, Marissa Martinez, Northfield Guild Artists, Diana Postlethwaite, Ian Sheppard, Nikki Sheppard, Nick Sinclair, Spotty McDotty, Amanda Stremcha, Leanne Stremcha, Carla Thompson, and Jennifer Wolcott.

From 1 to 9 pm, there is a long line-up of local talent, gracing the stage for ArtSwirl.about_amy.jpg

Come on down(town) and enjoy the Northfield Arts Guild Mexican Folkloric & Tappers Dance Group, Jazz Duo Christina Schwietz and Peter Webb, The Jewels of the Nile: “Caravan from the Middle East to the Midwest”, contemporary Nordic folk with Scandium, folk rock with Blue Moon, root rockers Marty Anderson and the Goods, and jazz rock trio, Jellystone Yogi.

Then this evening, grab a bite to eat in one of downtown’s over two dozen eateries, and, thus refueled and refreshed, go back into the streets for the Downtown Gallery and Studio Crawl including ArtOnWater, ArtOrg, Barefoot Studio, Phil Daniel Architectural Stained Glass, Grezzo Gallery, Kristen Johnson & Barbara Zaveruha, The Key, Northfield Arts Guild, Karen Oiseth, Right Brain Ventures, swag, and the Women’s Art Share Studio.